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Puberty Disorders

Puberty is the phase of life where boys or girls attain sexual maturity.
In girls, first sign of puberty is breast enlargement, followed by pubic hair development, menses & finally axillary hair development. In boys, first sign of puberty is testicular enlargement followed by pubic & axillary hair development. Bye the time, boys also develop beard and mustache.
Normal age of puberty onset is 8-13 years in girls and 9-14 years in boys.
Puberty onset before 8 years of age in girls & 9 years of age in boys is called early (precocious) puberty.
Absence of any signs of puberty till 13 years of age in girls and 14 years of age in boys is called delayed puberty.
Height spurt during puberty is because of sex hormones (testosterone in boys and estrogen in girls). Height spurt is one of the sign of puberty.
Early puberty can lead to decreased final height because of premature fusion of bones. In addition, early puberty can lead to psychosocial issues for a child or parents.
Yes. Hormonal treatment to stop the progression of puberty is available.
Yes. Treatment with testosterone (in boys) or estrogen (in girls) can lead to sexual maturation in those with delayed puberty.